Passion Point

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Two of the most recent talking points in media circles is the automation of media processes and the lack of good talent, finding it and keeping it. There are lots of opinions and thoughts on both these subjects, but the answer is simplistic, it goes back to the core reason people enter the world of advertising – PASSION.

Automation is going to happen, is happening and in many instances has happened, and it's been done well. Algorithms have been developed that accurately and reliably give us data that was previously processed by people. It's quicker, more reliable and cheaper. It's here to stay, and it's got a significant upside. Automation takes the drudgework out of media and frees up the media executive to focus on creativity, to develop unique and exciting approaches and to surprise and delight their audience.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize the agencies efficiencies and outputs puts the emphasis squarely back on creativity. Passionate people want to work in creative environments, and the media agency is now one of the leading environments for the development of creative thinking.

If you've ever spent some time in a fast-paced, award-winning creative agency, you'll have witnessed some doors being slammed, harsh words being spoken and people dramatically exiting a room. This is passion. And passion is where creativity thrives. It's the same reason why Italians are considered to be the best lovers, they fight loudly and passionately and believe whole-heartedly in what they are saying but at the end of the day they have some of the strongest relationships in the world, borne out of raw passion and emotion.

Sophia Loren, an iconic passionate Italian famously said; “If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful." Great things are borne of emotion and frustration.

By flipping a negative, the automated revolution, into a positive, we can solve one of the more significant issues in media, finding good talent. Technology is designed to eliminate feelings and emotions and act purely out of logic, and it does that well, but we need to counterbalance that with human emotion and passionate people. We need to create and nurture an environment where logic and emotion meet to create some magic. Re-igniting the creativity in media agencies attracts good talent, not only within the pool of media people but beyond, in diverse industries where skills can be transferred and optimized.

Technological platforms cannot tell stories, they cannot inject emotion, and they cannot mimic human ingenuity. We are well poised as an industry to grab brand intimacy by the proverbial horns and regain the high ground by using passionate people and fresh talent to harness their creativity and merge it with hard data to develop campaigns that connect and deliver results.

Accendi la passione!