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It’s not just a media strategy. It’s about telling a story with your brand. Gaining attention and creating a revolutionary experience. It’s about success. Your media strategy is as much of a creative tool as your message itself. Every task we undertake is seen as an opportunity to create a newer, smarter set of solutions. Because at the end of the day, nothing beats an original. Take a look at some of our case studies.


    Challenge:  Proudly promote Southern Suns association as host of Bafana Bafana during the 2010 World Cup. Ensure a high rate of visibility, despite the extensive media clutter.

    Solution: The big idea was to create an event allowing South Africans to wish the local team luck and to give them a well deserved send off. By accessing a range of communication vehicles, which combined a classic advertising campaign with PR and event management channels, the programme extended far beyond predicted reach. Fans were encouraged to form a human chain at the Southern Sun – Grayston, the hosts of the Bafana Bafana team. To achieve this, Mediology negotiated a joint partnership between Southern Sun, Primedia, Morrisjone&co. and Supersport.

    Result: A “once in a lifetime” event was created which ignited the historic opening of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The event achieved extensive on-air exposure via interviews, airtime and live promos.  An estimated 250 000 fans turned out to participate.Value of total exposure R57.4 million*. Advertising cost to client: R2 million.

    *source: Primedia/NewsClip


    The Challenge: Assist the SA government in expanding its national strategic Tuberculosis (TB) plan to educate rural communities about TB and ultimately encourage them to seek treatment.

    Solution: Employ a combination of mass media and alternative media, which doubled up as community upliftment. This was implemented with an activation process which encompassed education and engagement: by providing underprivileged communities in close proximity to TB clinics with portable school desks (lapdesks) and water towers bearing branded, educational messages.

    Result: Although mass radio and TV channels were used to blanket the country with high levels of reach and frequency, Mediology extended the creative execution into an interactive community engagement platform, which provided much needed and sorely lacking essential services. The desks and water towers were in everyday use and the message therefore achieved the prolonged daily exposure essential to education and message retention.

    (*University Research and Co, funded by USAID. University Research Co is a global company dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare, social service, health education worldwide).


    The Challenge: A brand and campaign ideally suited to and requiring high impact TV coverage without the budget to afford it.

    The Solution: A tightly focused positioning strategy led by a PR campaign with strong digital media support including a paid-search element resulted in a full 360 degree impact strategy. Advertising was concentrated in high-end glossies to achieved low wastage. A Women24 sponsorship of a tabbed sub-segment, Love Forever was secured for a 12 month period Topicality and devices such as media junkets were leveraged optimally to secure extensive editorial coverage in key media environments, particularly on television, and a Women24 sponsorship of a tabbed Love Forever sub-segment populated with interesting and relevant general and Forevermark-led content for prospective brides was secured. This skilful use of PR, low wastage advertising and digital applications resulted in optimum brand awareness and credibility produced.

    The Result: R13,87 million worth of highly credible publicity exposure was achieved. In addition, Women24 sponsorship continues to deliver a click through rate in excess of 5 times the norm.


    The Challenge: To elevate brand to compete at the level and status of major competitors. TV represented an ideal medium to create a sense of scale, but budget restrictions rendered a TV campaign non-viable, both in terms of production and media costs.

    The Solution: Mediology conceptualised a reality TV show. Utilising interactive sponsorships on a DIY programme, users were asked to send photographs of their DIY paint disasters. Thirteen contenders were selected and Prominent Paints teams were filmed fixing their problems on location. 3-5 Minute clips were aired weekly, amounting to 13 in total.

    The Results: High rate of viewer engagement and significant elevation of the brands image and stature.

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    The belief and trust that our clients have in our strategies and expertise have yielded positive results and growth. Take a look at our Clients and Partners.


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    integrated storytelling

    Telling your brand’s story harnesses all the opportunities to take it into your consumer’s day with a wide range of multi-sensory and personal engagements. To achieve this we use a 365 day principle which entails:-immersing the brand into the consumer’s sphere of experience and engagement. Setting up opportunities for consumers to interact and respond to your brand’s story –integrating the message by attaching the brand to multi-layered experiences –enhancing the brand impact by employing methods which facilitate its consumption in a relevant domain.

    investing in your future prospects

    Financially fit communities deliver healthy returns on investment. We believe we can go beyond attracting brand prospects – we can create them. It is a win-win formula. By conceptualizing  media opportunities which deliver practical, developmental benefits to our communities and their environment, we help foster economically viable future consumers. A thriving market with an affinity for your brand is your most valuable asset. Hence we also devote voluntary services to a number of community and environmental upliftment projects.



    Team Orientated

    We attract and encourage free thinkers who embrace challenge and adventure. We have created a working environment which balances stimulation and nurtures and emphasises teamwork and collaboration with our fellow colleagues as much as with our clients and suppliers. We therefore retain our staff and many of those that started out with us, continue to contribute to our success. Mediology is proud of the role it plays in training and providing highly specialised and undersupplied skills to the media industry.

    Media owner extended family

    We are conscious of the symbiosis which enables your brands to thrive. Our ideas are crucial to the success of any campaign but it is equally key that we are able to access a wide choice of available, suitable media for these to ignite. We therefore lend our support to our media partners and promote a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

    “…They negotiate fairly but firmly – they will push hard for their clients where appropriate, but in a respectful, professional manner………” Lucasta Stephen. General Manger, Client Sales, DStv

    extending your brand story

    the mediology collective

    Integrated story telling supported by synchronized disciplines – smart communicators ahead of the challenges of the new era.

    We have an active partnership in-house to combine specialized skills in PR, Digital Platforms and Consumer intelligence. This serves our objective of providing impactful and immersive media campaigns. Being independent means that we are streamlined and unrestricted, which enables us to be highly responsive and nimble.

    MIX is a strategic digital e-marketing & media strategy, planning and buying agency which understands the future of online commerce.

    Gus Truter – Head of Mix Digital

    Industry Experience :

    Digital Strategist since 1995

    KRAZYBOYZ Digital

    Range of digital, marketing and communication solutions

    MIX Digital was the digital division of Mediology in 2009 and is now a full service e-marketing agency.



    COOPER PR is a strategic public relations agency



    engageME Communications is an ideas company that builds engagement strategies for brands based on deep consumer and shopper insights. engageME offers innovative marketing solutions resulting in discipline neutral ideas that help achieve measurable return on investment.



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    Ana Carrapichano – Group Managing Director

    Gus Truter – Head of MIX digital

    Claire Herman – Media Director Johannesburg

    Walda Carvalho – Mediology JHB – Buying Director

    Mia Olivier – Media Director Cape Town

    Susan Warner – Head of Consumer Insights


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    Established in 2006 by Ana Carrapichano (Founder and Group Managing Director).

    A highly creative thinker and consummate media professional with over 24 years of experience in both global and local markets and brands. With a passion for adventure and originality, Ana has established a solid dossier of success in various aspects of media innovation. Her commitment to recognizing and developing talent has made her a significant contributor to the growth of the industry and its players. She has taken an active role in the development of training curriculae used by the top media training institutions. Ana continues to serve on a voluntary basis to many deserving causes, such as Adoption SA.

    What we have Achieved – our awards and recognition

    2015 – Apex Award, Canine Cuisine

    2014 – Apex Award, Brothers for Life
    2014 – AdReview Top 3 Agency of the Year

    2013 – Specialist Media Agency – MOST Awards
    2013 – AdReview Small Media Agency of the Year

    2012 – AdReview Overall Media Agency of the Year
    2012 – AdReview Small Media Agency of the Year

    2010 – Johns Hopkins Health and Education – Communications Partner of the Year Award
    2010 – Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa – Partner of the Year Award
    2010 – Small Media Agency of the Year (Billing under R500 million)

    2009 – AdReview Hot Shop Award

    “Recognised for Industry Thought Leadership and Business Growth”

    Christo Jansen van Rensburg


    Supa Quick


    “Mediology have been our media agency for the past 3 years, they are responsible for our full media services being print, digital and TV.

    Mediology are thorough in their research of the various media mediums and present all findings as reference before any decisions are taken or budgets committed.

    Mediology handles our account professionally at all times and are always available to assist with queries.’… “ Christo Jansen van Rensburg. Divisional Head | Bridgestone SA Retail

    Andrew Cooper


    Primedia Broadcasting


    “Mediology is always voted as one of the best agencies to work with…….. Their team is quick to act on opportunities…….. and their understanding of our media platforms ensures better opportunities for their clients. Something noticeable …. is the quality of the briefs they prepare for media owners… an agency who punch well above their weight.” Andrew Cooper. Johannesburg Sales Manager, Primedia Broadcasting





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    Mediology is a full-service all channel media communications agency.  We manage the entire media process for optimal delivery and cover all disciplines, including:

    Competitive Analysis

    Target Market Segmentation

    Consumer Insights

    Channel Strategy

    Implementation Planning

    Media Buying & Negotiations

    Post Campaign Reports

    Media Audits